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Hi there, I am Hannah Koller. I am an entrepreneur, sheepadoodle lover, and a pro-craft-inator at heart! I stand by every decision, opinion, mistake, and step in life. If one is unable to stamp their name on it, then it isn’t worth doing. Being able to stand behind your work has impact on one & how they evolve.


But don’t think I’m all business, there is a spontaneous side to me. Throughout the years many have described me as mature and beyond her years. But I feel it is because of the experience’s life has provided. Things happen with work, family, health, and opportunities. It is what is learned and taken from the experiences that mold you. Just as you learn (good decisions) from mistakes, you can learn (bad choices) from great opportunities. It is all what you do with what you take from it. How will you grow from your mistakes? How will you succeed from an open door? How old do your experiences make you?

Hannah Koller and Chaser the sheepadoodle
who am I.


Adopt A Server | Louisville

2021 @Lester Holt | NBC

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